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    Have to say the experience in Agincourt was super great! I just financed a Nissan Rogue from Agincourt Nissan. I really appreciate the excellent customer service Jerry provided and highly recommend Jerry to be your sales representative. Jerry was the sales representative who helped me with the transaction. Jerry was so helpful and I felt he was most [...]

    Viola Mai

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    I was warmly welcomed as I walked into the dealership. Wanting to look at new cars I was led to a fine young gentleman named Carlos. After deciding on which model to focus on, Carlos explained its functionality in full detail. I test drove the vehicle and a couple of days and a second test drive later decided to go ahead with the purchase. The [...]

    Petre Atas

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    We just purchased a Nissan Rogue with the help of Frank Dacosta. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and guided us clearly through the process. He patiently explaining the details of our new car which was delivered on time and with all the bells and whistles we wanted. Frank is most professional and I highly recommend his expertise to any one [...]

    carol poyser

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    Snow is very helpful and I'm thinking of getting a Qashqai because of his attentiveness. Actually I am buying it. Also Leah at the front desk is amazing and helped with my car discussions. I believe Leah should be a salesperson. She was actually very helpful I thought she much better suited a managerial position. Thanks Snow and Leah. The downside [...]

    Moe G

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    My Experience at Agincourt Nissan was a pleasant one. What can I said Jerry is a great Sales Person, I will recommended him if you would like to buy a Nissan, he has a good personality and as per Tina, the Finance Manager, she was amazing, she takes care of me and guides me in all the process that were required to purchase my 2015 Nissan Murano. Thank [...]

    Hector Guzman