2.9% Interest Rate


There can be a lot to consider when you are purchasing a vehicle. From choosing a dealership to finding the perfect car, one of the first factors to consider is your payment. At Drive Autogroup, all of our Drive Shield Certified vehicles are eligible for our exclusive 2.9% Interest Rate available for a 24-month finance period. 

Our exclusive offer is only available at Drive Autogroup locations. You won't find a lower interest rate anywhere else!

This exclusive offer is only available for our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles undergo a comprehensive mechanical and appearance inspection. Depending on the manufacturer, for the vehicle to qualify for the certification, vehicles must meet the model year and mileage restrictions. One of the elements that classifies a certified pre-owned vehicle is the 120 Inspection which ensures their reliability and most of all, safety.

Our competitive 2.9% Interest Rate is one of a kind. This exclusive offer is below most competitors’ rates for a used car loan. By offering a 2.9% interest rate, you have the opportunity to pay less interest in a shorter amount of time!