Winter Tires VS All Seasons

All Season Tires VS Winter Tires

MYTH: It's about snow.
TRUTH: The performance of your tire is actually based on the temperature. 

Summer and all-season tires get stiff at about 7 degrees. Winter tires have a different compound that allows them to stay soft, and grip the road in colder temperates. 

All-season tires made with a harder rubber blend that can withstand hot weather.

  • Normal traction for a wide variety of conditions
  • Tread compound stiffens as temperatures drop
  • Made for dry & wet conditions

Winter tires are designed with a rubber compound that remains flexible in snowy & icy conditions.

  • Traction-optimized with deeper grooves & sharp, irregular edges
  • Tread compound remains flexible in temperatures below 7 degrees
  • Designed to grip snow, slush & ice